Sunday, August 9, 2009

Operation: Society

As a human being I should regret my repulsive behavior towards the social society, but then again should that be my fault?

How does it work, a fetish?

A fetish is a fixation towards a human body part or an inanimate object. When someone has a fetish, they seek gratification (usually sexual gratification) from that that is obsessed by the fetishist. My fetish is fur. I am obsessed with fur. I achieve sexual gratification with fur. I see fur the same way any human being see the opposite sex. The impact this has on a fetishist life is the exclusion the fetishist suffers from the social society. A fetishist is lonely.

So what causes a fetish?
What causes someone to almost hate to be with people in a social environment?

Psycholsexual disorder.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A New Genesis at Hand

Why do people interact with each other?

Why do we want to fit in with the "cool" crowd?

Why will women do anything to get a man's attention?

Why will men study the art of flirting?

We as human beings do not think about the reasons, we just do. We do not count out heart beats, or count the times we exhale and inhale, we just do. The interacting society is a battlefield, and naturally we all volunteer to fight. In the social life we are blinded to the fact that we only interact with one another because of our sexual desire, because of the attraction we have to the opposite sex. We almost have a an inevitable need to be with people, and to make friends.
In some cases, we take the initiative to create and maintain relationships with those we find interest in. Ergo, you have the basic concept of social interaction.

However and unfortunately, this is not the case for people who have... a fetish.